Client Review

We have been bringing our rescues to Valley for years now, and have also had to make emergency calls on behalf of friends and strangers who know that we deal with ER Trauma Care. We have always gotten the best treatment, and greatly appreciate the fact that you take in Wildlife, because we volunteer in that area also. Since we live in Green Valley, the fact that we have been able to coordinate medication fill ups at the new Sahuarita office has not only helped with time saved, but more importantly, getting the medication faster in order to help our rescue in distress. Since our cases are often complex, your follow up calls by knowledgeable vet assistants has been invaluable. Thank You!!!!

Client Review

Doctor T. K. Warfield is so through examining Tracy Girl, when I left I had peace of mind and the love & care he shows is awesome! I can’t ever ask for anything more from Valley Animal Hospital! All the others there, treat me like a family member! I love all of you! Thanks for taking care of us! Love Katie, Butch & Tracy Girl!

Dear Dr. Vagnetti

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the support and consideration you showed me and especially my wife last week when we had to bring our baby Lilly in for care.

We are obviously dog  people and we have always felt that the only bad part about having dogs is when you have to say goodbye.

Even though we had to say goodbye to Lilly, you need to know how critical it is for the Vet that you have entrusted one of the most important things in your life, to say that he supports your decision as you did.

We adopted Lilly from PACC and the day my wife brought her home, I looked at her and wasn’t sure that she was going to make it. Lilly had been terribly abused, weighed 4 pounds, had terrible kennel cough, scared to death and probably wasn’t even ready for adoption…except to a home like ours. My wife commented that it was odd that her feet were brown and a Maltese was supposed to be white. I quickly realized that they were stained from standing in her own waste for long periods of time.

She pretty much lived on our laps and every night for two weeks I took cotton balls with a hydrogen peroxide mix and finally got her paws white.

She gave us more joy than I can express here but we had three amazing years with her. Our sincere thanks to you and your staff for their care and understanding when we absolutely needed it most.

On a brighter note please share with Dr. Warfield that Diego is doing great. I have followed your advice and walk him every day at least a mile. I have only missed 7 days in 13 months. He gets a Novox every morning and night and rarely needs a Tramodol. He seemed a little lonely  especially when he doesn’t see me for a few hours so we got him a girlfriend that I named Darla.

Another rescue from PACC. She is an American Bulldog like Diego and it has been great. He loves her.

Nessi’s ears are doing great as well. My wife never misses a treatment and even though she is slowing down she continues to be one of the best dogs we have ever loved.

Thank you again to you and your staff.

Kind regards,

D & D Lovitt 

Poem for Koko’s Birthday

Koko turns three on Tuesday, March Eight.
(Oh, wait, I should check on what she just ate!)
Like a cat, that pooch was born with nine lives.
She’s always real lucky when danger arrives.
Lets start with javelina: the one that she chased.
And then a mean rattler that bit her in haste.
She caught Valley Fever by digging in dirt.
It seems there’s no trouble she’s tempted to skirt.
This week had its drama and gave us a scare.
She chewed an inhaler, and absorbed the foul air.
We took her to Valley (the place TK built)
Alexis and her folks gave care to the hilt.
She spent Wednesday night in jail: the vets crate,
then came home to greet us, with a flair in her gait.
Her vet bills are soaring, and grooming costs more,
Her post-swim wet shaking has us blocking the door.
But, look in those eyes, and that wagging, full tail!
Just watching her play has never grown stale.
Enjoying each day an adventure, for sure.
She explores her whole world and is never demure.
A rascal you are: a Doodle clear through,
but you’re ours, sweet Koko a we sure do love you.
by Max McConkey

Angie’s List Review

Multiple services over the years. In EVERY instance, great focus, consideration, professionalism, and superb medical care. I had two Standard Poodles for a period of about 15 years. They received veterinary care only from Valley Animal Hospital, mostly from TK Warfield, but, on occasion, from other vets there. I could not have been more pleased with the quality of service–from the beginning– the correct diagnosis of a new puppy ailment, to the end– the most decent senior care one could ask, with personal notes and a contribution in my dog’s names after their death. One wishes that one’s own human physician would be as competent and caring as the vets and other personnel at Valley. I now have two other dogs: my wife and I will go nowhere else for their care.
A specific example (and there are many others): my Standard Poodle had a bad accident, breaking his lower leg. The diagnosis was not good. In most circumstances, as I have subsequently learned, his leg would have been amputated. But TK Warfield performed a 3-hour surgery, implanting a device of his own crafting, and setting the leg. Within three months, my dog was running with no pain, no limp, no indication that there had been an accident. Another: when this same animal had to be put down, after 14 years of good life, the procedure was followed by a contribution from Valley in the dog’s name to a shelter, plus a hand-written, personal note from TK Warfield– an amazing vet and person. VERY impressive.